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Where do I control how the forum list looks like

  • Hi.

    I have added a bbpress to a wordpress. Everything works fine, but now I would like to change how the appearance is in the forum list on the front page. Right now I am not fully happy with that. I can see that the class is

    either: <tr class=”alt”> or only <tr> which affects how each row is presented. But I can not find this in the style.css file. It drives me nuts… :)

    Also where forums is presented I get the <bb-precedes-sibling bb-follows-sibling bb-root> and alt at the end. But where is it controlled how they look like?



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  • You can change how your forum looks like by editing its CSS file.

    Do you know the tags name? I guess they are the same in all themes since they are created by the core of bbpress?


    Olaf Lederer


    The tags are created inside the templates files, the style sheet might use some more “advanced” classes and attributes

    There are more ways to style html, not just simple pseudo classes ;)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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