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Where can I get Plugin API info?

  • I want to hook, et whatever, into the author id of a post to make my avatars plugin work with BBPress.

    The docs just say it’s the same as WordPress, but not exactly. The tags are different and my original plugin doesn’t work anyway (or perhaps it’s an integration problem with my installs. I’m running MU).

    I’m looking for equivalents like these or anything related

    $the_author = get_the_author_id();

    Where are the docs for the plugin API, basically? I don’t require you to look into what exact hooks, etc. I need, just lead me to info. If you want to do more, that’s fine, too. :-)

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  • Holy cow! I stand corrected. I didn’t need any of that. The BBPress guys were right.

    I just tried changing every THE, like the_author, with post, like post_author. I just noticed it was called in the post template with post and not the. Holy cow I can’t believe I did that. So simple.

    So as soon as I get my upcoming designs site up, I’ll have this and other plugins available for download.

    Right now, if anyone wants an avatar plugin that works in WP, WPMU, and BBPress (but only if its integrated), reply! It’s actually a WP plugin but only when BBPress is integrated. I made it that way so it can require_once my main plugin, which is obviously for WP.

    So if you want avatars in both, my plugin should be nice!

    I’ve got to get to work on my site!

    Actually I have never developed a plug-in for WP or BB but I would like to, any advice for getting started?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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