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Where are the user comments?

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    For more than a week I am fighting with bbPress and the latest WordPress version.

    My problem is that user comments don’t appear. Well, I can see them in the Administration area in WP but not in the forum. Users already move away because they think I blocked their comments.

    I actually installed bbpress because I wanted users to discuss on my page but now no one can discuss anymore lol.

    My WP installation is at and I installed bbpress on http://www.mywebserver/forum (example addresses)

    I installed the WP plugin “bbPress Post” and filled out all the details. Also I installed bbSync.

    At least when I write a new post the post title appears in the forum. So one good thing. But that’s all. How do users comment from my blog? I don’t want to put a link on every post “go to the forum and post there”.

    I do have a custom theme by the way.

    Actually I am not an idiot but now I’m just freaking out with bbPress because it’s so complicated and most of the how-to’s don’t work or are just bad explained. Here’s an example:

    “Want a link back to the blog post? ” it days in the bbSync settings.

    Well, what can I do there? There’s a field. Do I have to write YES or a special tag? :| Absolutely no explaination.

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  • 744478

    Well, wasn’t able to wait anymore. Users were complaining. I removed bbpress but thanks anyways.

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