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Where are the themes

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    There is much discussion on these boards on where bbpress is going, reminds me a bit of simailar stuff at XOOPS cms. However one sure sign on these matters is the lack of available themes. Where is a themes repository? Because thats what is needed. Did I miss something?

    ‘Extend’ surely doesn’t just mean plugins it means the GUI, the way things look, but all I can find is plugins. Or maybe someone can point it out.

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  • coincidentally, we’re launching a BBpress ‘addon’ to our WP themes.

    They aren’t stand alone, but I think BBP works best in concert with WP anyway.



    RE: ‘Extend’, before Sam left he was redoing this site.


    It’s a real shame he left before the new one was up…



    yes…please see my other post, we have to get everyone of one mind and working toward the same ends. Now is not the time to give up, people always come and go.

    The whole thmese issue needs addressing.

    1. Laid out in plain english on this site how to integrate your Wp theme to BBpress. I just tried a version on someone elses blog and ended up with a blank page, so put it back how it was!!

    2. A The repository on this site, now!. All the themes in one place. If necessary a section for free and anaother for premium



    I guess it depends on the complexity of the WP theme, but when I matched the looks of the forums, with some trial and error, it wasn’t too complicated. In short, it was a matter of matching header, footer, and use the “hottags” section as the sidebar. If I can backtrack my steps, I will post about it, in case it may help other people, while we are waiting for the official docs.

    This WordPress plugin by Sam Bauers also looked very interesting, but I think it’s not working with the latest version of WP, after 2.6.2. It would be nice if the plugin could be updated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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