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What's wrong with bbpress org toolbar + login?

  • Shmoo


    I often can’t login on this domain because the login button redirects to the /forums/ page.

    When i’am on the homepage of it shows i’m logged in , I can see my avatar the the right corner but when I click to view the forums it says i’m logged-out. Trying to login doesn’t work because of the redirect.

    Please fix it, It’s frustrated when you’re trying to help people but can’t post on the forums.

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  • Nate


    No idea. I posted this last week: zero response. I even messaged JJJ on Facebook. It was a couple of hours ago, but again, nothing. There’s also a major security flaw on’s subdomains that I messaged him about.

    I’m having the same login issue on multiple browsers. It seems to be relegated to, because if I’m browsing a topic, it shows my Avatar and the fact I’m logged in. It also provides a ‘Create New Topic’. But the moment I go to, NOTHING works.

    John James Jacoby


    I’ve received no message on Facebook (it’s also a poor approach to reporting security issues.)

    Please read this page on the WordPress Codex.

    Not fair to say I’ve ignored something I didn’t receive. I’m curious how you’re managing to login and post anything here, if logins are broken?




    First of all,

    You can drop the attitude. I work in digital marketing for a living and have done so successfully for many, many years, dealing with everything between Drupal, WP and proprietary software, and your response in this thread is easily the most unprofessional, immature, and frankly, baffling I’ve come across.

    Understand that I’m under ZERO obligation to report security flaws in to you. I DID contact you via Facebook (evidence here: out of sheer freaking goodwill. I also tried alerting you to this on the forum. Here’s the FAQ Security that you linked to: “You should also contact the plugin developer either via email (if it’s listed in the plugin source code), or by posting in the support forum on their plugin page asking how best to send them details.”

    I couldn’t find your e-mail address, and brought it up here without hesitation — with that said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the lack of response generally shown on these forums is concerning toward a security flaw. Half the time it’s littered with spam for thai prostitutes anyway. Why would I assume that the thread would even be glanced at? Hence why I used Facebook to reach out to you.

    And rather than inform you of login issues, I could have simply chuckled and chosen another open source platform of which to host my community. Or are you so self-righteous that you think multiple users complaining of the SAME login issues are probably just “doing it wrong” ??

    In the words of the great Wayne Campbell, are you mental?

    Your last question “How I managed to login” is already addressed within my post and in a post I made last week. I’m glad you did your homework.

    If you’re ready to have an adult, professional conversation about this, let me know. Or check your Facebook messages from YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, when I addressed them.

    Robin W



    Given that you work in digital marketing for a living, I would have thought that you understood the difference between being paid for something, and getting it for free.

    BBpress is FREE – if you want instant support – go pay for something, otherwise accept that this FREE software, with non-instant support provided for by a community who try to help and improve the FREE product – you know then one you didn’t pay for.

    Yes it’s really great of you to flag up security flaws, that is the COMMUNITY thing to do, and thanks for doing that.

    Finally I think you should seriously consider some anger management course, it’s not good for your blood pressure 🙂

    Schmoo, presume you mean this forum – try coming here direct rather than via and let us know if that makes a difference.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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