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What’s new in 1.0?

  • Congratulations on bringing bbPress to 1.0 RC1! I am a big fan of bbPress, appreciate this positive and helpful community, the great codebase, the ease of installation and customizatoin, and the overall more “bloggy” feel of the forums, rather than most forum software which feels a lot more like a 1990’s bulletin board.

    I’ve looked over past postings about the 1.0 series and about releases in general. I’ve read that 1.0 is based off of BackPress, that it integrates with newer versions of WordPress, that it supports a new plugin for WordPress called “bbPress Live.” What else is of note? (and out of curiosity, what did not make the cut?

    With 1.0 on the horizon, can you please summarize some of the key features/changes in 1.0?

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