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What Spam prevention techniques are you using?

  • Just curious, both in terms of registration, and posting…

    I only have a small test forum up, that is integrated with my personal blog, but I was experimenting with a few ideas earlier. I go by the philosophy that layers of protection is always the way to go.

    So far I’ve implemented:

    1.) Visual check, pre reg form (eg. select the hamster image)

    2.) Blacklisting popular spam email domains (eg.

    3.) Hidden field trap (no javascript, just css)

    4.) Maths puzzle question

    5.) TanTan Spam Filter port

    6.) Askimet (obviously!)

    The first 4 are aimed at blocking spam bot registrations, and the final 2 at keeping posts clean. All the registration checks are core hacks (as I’m only experimenting).

    Any other techniques being used successfully to ward off spammers from bbpress? Maybe something like implementing ‘Bad Behavior’ filtering for the registration process for example?

    PS. Happy New Year to all!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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