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What is Username displayed by default?

  • Brovashift


    Hi anyone and everyone,

    Im just wondering why bbpress displays participants real name instead of their username by default? I want to change this as I can’t remember ever seeing a site before where you create a username for it not to be used, even this bbpress support forum shows usernames!

    I see topics on this matter going back 4+ years, and still its the same solution, why?

    So why is it that we have to edit code to achieve this? It should at least be a simple edit in the admin area.

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  • Hi Brovashift,
    Let’s see if we can add this as feature request in a next version or if there is any issue with this.

    bbPress uses the users username by default, a user can change their own profile to use first/last name if they wish via the “Display name” on the users edit profile screen.

    Robin W


    I’m about to add this feature to my style pack !

    Robin W


    @netweb On my test site it does firstname/lastname. Am I going mad?

    Did I get it backwards? I confused myself when testing this. :/

    Can you test this with a new user please and create the appropriate ticket based on the results if needed 🙂

    • When a new user is created they *only* have a username
    • The user does *not* have a first and last name
    • Once a user adds their first and last name the username is still used
    • Now, if a user goes to their profile and *chooses* their display name to *use* their first and last name then that is that users *choice*

    Robin W




    Ok I’ve done some testing.

    bbpress uses the display_name as stored in wp_user table.

    If you allow registration

    ie – Dashboard>settings>membership – anyone can register

    then yes, the user_nicename and the display_name in wp_user table are the same and the same as the username entered by the person registering.

    If you don’t allow registration, and you add users manually

    ie Dashboard>users>add new user

    and you don’t enter the first and last name, then the user_nicename and display_name are the same

    BUT if you enter the firstname and lastname, then the nice_name is the username, but the display_name is saved as firstname followed by lastname !

    So a bit of inconsistency by WordPress.

    Now display_name is all that we can play with in bbpress, and users can change their display_name under bbpress in the profile area.

    So I plan to put a function in my style pack that will let the user choose what the default display_name is, and optionally disable users from creating a nickname and/or changing the default.

    Right, clear as mud then 😉 But this does sound like this is the expected behaviour 🙂

    Trivia: theme here shows both @username and “Display Name” because people used to try and ping me via @Stephen Edgar, rather than @netweb, hence we added both to the template loops 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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