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What is the worst to happen if I switch phpBB to bbPress (in Google!)

  • mpesgt01


    I have a phpBB (3.0.11) forum since many years. After a good clean up, I am down at these stats
    1 200 members
    18 000 subjects
    52 000 answers

    My urls looks like this

    In Google i get 280 000 results if I type this

    I am feeling this forum software (thanks for all these nice years!) gets behind the actual social life these years so I am looking to change for another forum (hopefully with Facebook login!)

    What will happen if I decide to switch to installing bbPress into my actual WordPress ? I have read the codex, but doest my urls and so my results in google would all be lost (as I can’t see how a rewrite redirect url could work here anyway) ?

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