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What happens after approval?

  • churious


    Dear community,

    I am using bbPress Version 2.6.6 and I am wondering what the “approve” button is for?
    In my case whenever an user creates a topic or reply I see the “approve” button as an admin though the topic / reply has been already published?!

    The most confusing thing is after I approve (or unapprove) a topic / reply it disappears and I can not find it nowhere anymore?!

    Can anybody explain where I can find them and what this function is for?

    Thanks in advance and best regards

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  • Robin W


    so do you see the topic if you are not logged in, or not logged in as moderator/keymaster?

    Usually you would just/only see ‘unapprove’ if topics automatically publish (so you would not see ‘approve’)

    To see ‘approve’ usually you would have something set in

    dashboard>settings>discussion that holds topics to await approval

    or you mught have an additional bbpress related plugin that does this



    Hi Robin, thanks for your reply.

    I see the “approve” / “unapprove” buttons as a logged-in admin.

    What confuses me is what happens after I approve / unapprove because the topics seems to be deleted (or at least I can not find them in the Backend anymore).

    So my question is: What happens to the approved / unapproved topics and can they be found somewhere in the Backend?

    I am looking forward to your feedback.

    Robin W


    if you unapprove then they will be in ‘pending’ in the backend



    Thank you for the reply!

    It seems that this issue of disappearing topcics happens only on my local machine as shown here:

    Still a bit confused why it shows 2 pending topics and 4 in all languages though nothing is shown in the list?!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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