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What features do you guys look for in a great forum?

  • kafe


    Hey guys. We are now starting our forum, and we expect that it will pay off to put a lot of thought into the different features we want to incorporate before getting it started. We are including social login. These forums will be for a video game news and opinion website, and we are trying to build a long-term, self-sustaining community, which may prove difficult in an environment where there are lots of forums where people might spend their time. I know a lot of these are answered elsewhere, but what are the MOST IMPORTANT features to you guys for a forum in which you might be spending a lot of time, and what plugins are must-haves?

    Features to consider:
    What themes do you guys like for forums?
    Is BuddyPress necessary (we aren’t sure how it will integrate with social login)?
    Do you like points systems, and if so, what rewards? Titles?
    Are there good social integration plugins that allow people to share threads?
    What other plugins?
    What about upvoting / downvoting, do these have a place in forums or just comment systems?
    friends lists
    community blogs
    image/video support
    custom formatting

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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