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    My current theme provider says that they don’t support child themes. And I have made a forum and looks exactly how I want it functions great! I downloaded bbp style pack and got it perfect. But I want to be able to redirect to proper pages, have the register button work (right now it will let someone register but won’t send them login information, they have to request a new password.) When logging in it takes me back to my home page even with the redirect towards the right page. And also when I put the register login and logout buttons active through bbp style pack they automatically extend my menu bar, when I want them to actually be in the drop-down menu off of the forum. So I am lost I am new to this have come very far and worked very hard to turn back and start over now! Can someone please help!?

    Thanks in advance John

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  • Hi John,
    We are all very much eager to help each other, but this forum runs on volunteers so we cannot just help you setting up your forum completely for you. You can however find people that do this for a living and pay them.

    Reading your above description I’m hesitating between ‘where is the question?’ and ‘There are 20 questions in 1 topic here’. So if you have any specific question, feel free to ask and if we can respond, we will.

    Trying to answer some parts and giving thoughts:
    – Not support child themes ? Then switch theme !
    – You can always put extra code in the functions.php of you theme, but after a theme upgrade make sure to check your updates are still there
    – For the login/redirect you are already on 2/3 other threads in this forum, please try to not repeat yourself in here

    So, for any specific question… shoot !


    Robin W


    all themes allow a child theme – it is a wordpress thing not a theme thing. They won’t ‘support’ as in give you free help to set up and run.


    As Pascal says, we can help with specific queries, but not in a full set-up. But googling around will fix a lot of what you’re asking.



    I thank you both. I actually took that advice and got it working now, I used a plugin called my login. And I do have a specific question on this matter though. I have tried the bbp style pack login and this login with my login. neither will let a new user register. But for the bbp style pack they can request a new password. Is there something in the settings I tweek for bbpress to send out the registration email for email confirmation? Also this isn’t a functioning website yet its all backend. I’m the only one that can veiw it, that I know of LoL. Thanks for the help, I’m actually learning alot!




    Fixed nevermind, now just to figure out the profile pic plugin that may work with this plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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