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We need your advice ASAP-bbPress very slow

  • Jing



    We have a site in soft launch. The forum is its key function.

    We are seeing each post takes a very long time to submit. A reply will take like 5 seconds. A new topic, about 3-5 seconds. There are no more than 3 people intermittently posting on the forum now since we are still in a beta mode.

    We have not done any customization regarding the function. The only other bbPress related plugin we have installed is bbPress Toolkit. ( No other types of post are posting as slowly as the forum topics and replies now. bbPress is now by far the slowest component on our site.

    What shall we try to make the forum post faster, like maybe this one?

    Shall we change the caching level? We are using WP Rocket Cache.

    At the same time, we noticed that the bbPress is sending notifications out before completing a submission. Can we change it so that it takes submission then send out notification later?

    Thank you so much! We have been struggling with this for days now. Desperately need your help.


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  • Robin W


    not really bbpress related – This is server/theme/other plugins issue.

    My test site which is full of stuff takes 1-2 seconds for a post, it is on a shared server, so depends on what else is happening on that server with other websites.

    I would ask that why your forum is so dependant on the need for lightening speed of posting, is the content really that boring ? Few users worry about posting speed, as longs as the site displays posted stuff in good speed:-)



    Robin, thank you so much for such quick reply.

    We target a very social community so speed to post is key to retain them. Or they will not stay on the forum.

    Our GTMetrix score is 93% which I assume the server should be okay.

    What else we should try tweak? Cache?


    Robin W


    that measures site loading, not server performance as such, eg it doesn’t test dadatabase writes.

    cache will not affect non cache actions such as post submission

    I’d suggest you talk to your host providers.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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