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We need a phpBB to bbPress converter (paid job)

  • andreascreten


    Hi everyone

    We are a web development agency from Belgium that’s working on a bbPress project, we are moving a big forum (1.5 million posts) from phpBB to bbPress. The only phpBB converter I found out there is quite outdated, so we need someone to write a new one. When the project is done we will make the converter free and open-source, so that everyone can use it.

    Please email your portfolio and/or cv to andreas at madewithlove dot be if you are interested in doing this job.


    We had contact with someone of this forum but since a couple of weeks he does not (or at least very slow) respond on our emails. If that person is reading this post, please get back in touch with us, we still want to work with you!

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