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Way to share user database of multiple bbPress sites?

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  • Rohan Kapoor


    It is very simple. I will explain to you how to do it. Use 1 WordPress MU site for the database and then integrate each bbpress with cookies and user database integration. It works fine. I’ve done it!



    Thanks Rohan. Here’s the thing, I don’t want separate blogs for each of the bbPress sites, just different domains with bbPress installs on each. Would this be possible via WPMU & bbPress?

    If you integrate all the bbPress installs to use the same users table, then you can let your users sign in even if your bbPress installs are on separate domains… if you use ck’s awesome “Cross Cookie” plugin:

    It only works in bbPress 0.9 though…



    Dang. So for bbPress 1.0+ you must go WPMU, huh?

    All the Cross Cookie plugin does is automatically sign you into multiple domains with a single login.

    If you just want to have all your bbPress installs share a single user table, you should be able to do that in any version of bbPress!

    Not sure on the connection to wpmu…



    johnhiler, you have been most helpful. How exactly would you recommend one do this?

    Would one simply point each separate bbPress installation to the same MYSQL table during initial setup?

    Is there any danger in one site overwriting another with this sort of setup?

    There’s some useful tips here!

    Definitely backup all your data before playing around… it should be pretty safe to have multiple installs use the same user table.

    If you hit a snag, post and let us know and I’ll see if I can help. I integrated multiple bbpress installs of 0.9 not 1.0, but if it’s not too different maybe I can help. I’ve got almost 10 bbPress installs working together with a single users database, so there’s definitely a path!



    Note that cross-cookie does not work (yet) with bbPress 1.0

    It will also not work with any other plugin that modifies cookies (ie. year long cookies)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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