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Way to increase .bbp-topic-title width without affecting mobile?

  • Majijiboo


    Wordpress version 3.8.1
    bbPress version: latest version
    Link to site:

    I used “display: none” for .bbp-topic-voice-count to remove it, and now want to use a larger portion of the table that displays topics to show the content in .bbp-topic-title.

    When I set the width to 75% for .bbp-topic-title, the desktop version looks good, but the mobile version looks disoriented. Is there a way to disable responsive design for mobile so people see the desktop version even when they are on a mobile phone?

    Also, any thoughts on what to set the width parameter to so .bbp-topic-title takes a larger width in the desktop version and the mobile version will still look good? Thanks.

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  • Essentially you want a WordPress theme that works well on mobile (I haven’t looked at your site) and once that is sorted then replicate the CSS media queries that the theme uses for posts/pages etc for your bbPress templates.

    To get started modifying your CSS check out the codex docs

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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