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Voices and Freshness problems

  • When I have a bunch of forums in a category, the freshness for the category is not the most recent. It matches one of the freshness times for one of the forums in the category, but not the forum with most fresh time.

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  • Oh, and my voices totals are wrong on anonymous replies that I imported using the “bbPress Topics for Posts” plugin, which is a great plugin by the way.

    John James Jacoby


    That’s, odd. Categories do have some specific handling in them, so it’s possible this is a bug.

    Voices do not look for email addresses or names, only unique user ID’s. As such, they only count registered users. This prevents long topics with thousands of replies from needing to do literal string comparisons on meta data that is not readily available in the cache or users tables.

    There are no plans to look into counting non-registered users in the future.

    If the count is off, and all of your users are registered, you can visit Tools > Forums and do a recount on the voices.

    Thanks for the reply John and for all your great work!

    I think it may have had something to do with migrating all the Topics and Replies over with the “Topics for Posts” plugin. When they were conveted they didn’t get titles.

    But please check out my blog and forum

    It is pretty cool how I have the comments and forum linked. It really makes a difference for a small time blogger with no forum activity. It kinda jump starts the forum. Also, it gives visitors a centralized place to see all of the comments. I love this feature and wish it was part of the standard plugin. I know about the usual answers of blogging being different from forums, but I think it is just different views of similar data.

    Anyway, thanks again, and sorry I butchered the forum on my blog, but the data I deleted just didn’t look right.

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    John James Jacoby


    Thinking long-term, I’d like for there to be a ‘Use bbPress topics for comments’ option also, and that plugin is doing something along those lines. Thanks for sharing your site, and happy that it’s working out for you so far.

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