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Views plugin help needed

  • I am working on a “Topic Views Count” plugin, and I’m just about finished with it. You can see a working version of it here:, and see the source code as it is right now here:

    The only thing holding me up is this; I can’t figure out a way to keep the views count from including page views. For example, when page one of a topic loads, the view count will go up by one. But, when page two loads it will also go up by one. So, a visitor has only viewed the topic once (albeit they’ve viewed more than one page), but the counter has registered two views).

    I know this isn’t a huge deal, and a counter that over-counts is better than no counter at all. Still, I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas. I’d like to avoid using cookies, if possible, because I have no experience with them at all to even know where to start.

    Any ideas? I’m also open to any other ideas or suggestions for the rest of the code.


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  • I’m not sure how it’s handled, but it might be worth looking at how phpBB or vBulletin or any other forum software does it.

    Got it figured out! I studied up on how to use session variables, and that gave me the answer I was looking for. By passing the “last topic ID” variable, I could check to see if it matched the “current topic ID” variable. If it matches, it leaves the record alone. If it’s different, it adds a tick to the counter.

    The post for the completed plugin is here:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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