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View, but not post

  • thoktaz


    Maybe this is simple, and I’m just confused.
    The site I’m working on will have a main community forum, but also a (user generated) huge directory of subforums. All I want to do is all ALL subforums to be viewable to anyone, but restrict POSTING privileges to approved individuals on each subforum. In other words, anyone can READ a generated subforum, but only approved IDs can POST on it. Right now all I can figure out how to do is restrict a user’s posting privileges in general.

    So let’s say that an individual subforum is created called

    Project Blahblah

    I want anyone to be able to read it, but I only want Tom, Dick, and Harry to be able to post there. Roger decides he wants in on Project Blahblah, and he gets approved. Now he is allowed to post there, too. Meanwhile, Tom, Dick Harry, Roger, and anyone else should still be able to view and interact with the “General” forum, etc.

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  • thoktaz


    To further clarify:

    General Forum


    All viewable by all users, but only a certain few people can post on Sub2. A different set of people can post on Sub1, or Sub3. That way people can look at a forum to see if they’re interested in joining, or to keep up with what’s going on, but still need to be approved before they can actually take part in the conversation.

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