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Video called "video: bbpress installation" in slider on product page

  • CurioClayworks


    When I have the plugin “bbPress” activated I get this video ( included in the slideshow on every product page as well as a blank image and a pop up message that reads “The page at http://www.curioclayworks says: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the patch is correct and the image exist”. When the plugin is deactivated (which it is right now) the video disappears and I only have the blank image with the pop up. I’d like to only have the images I select to be in the slideshow on each product page and I certainly don’t want an install video to be apart of that slideshow. When I disable the bbPress plugin I lose functionality of the “Jetpack Stats: Put a chart showing 48 hours of views in the admin bar” which I’d like to keep and I’d like the functionality of the bbPress plugin itself for the future. I’ve looked through my media library and I the video isn’t there. I’m not sure how to remove it and keep bbPress active. Any tips?
    WordPress version: 3.7.1
    bbPress version: 2.4.1
    Link to my site:

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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