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Very strange upgrade behavior

  • Greg


    I just tried to upgrade a 0.8.3 forum to 1.0.1. I am experimenting, so I did the following:

    – Created a copy of my production forum db (didn’t turn off plugins or anything first) – call it “DBCOPY”

    – Copied the 1.0.1 bbPress files to a domain I use to stage upgrades – call it “”

    – Browse to “”

    The first strange thing was that after the first step in the upgrade process I checked “bb-config.php” and BBDB_NAME was *not* what I specified in the form. Somehow the upgrade process had found a previous bbPress database that I had associated with and used that instead (!). This seemed so strange that I repeated the entire process, with the same result.

    I manually set the DB to the correct name, and then the upgrade then appeared to complete without a hitch, but…

    1. When I browsed to “” I see the message “Could not determine site URI”

    2. The “New bbPress installation” email message has “Please give me a name!” in the from field

    I then started from scratch with bbPress and everything went as expected. Upgrade completed flawlessly.

    Is upgrade from 0.8.3 not supported? I don’t see that written anywhere. If bbPress is really overriding my BBDB_NAME specification then this is a pretty serious bug.

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  • Greg


    Quick update: after upgrading from 0.8.3 to, upgrading from to 1.0.1 in a second step went smoothly. Except for:

    – The “New bbPress installation” email message still had “Please give me a name!” in the from field.

    – The first time I went to the upgraded forum it had “Please give me a name!” in the header where the name should be. After I logged in as keymaster this fixed itself.

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