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Very confused! Menu Links

  • Ninjamoomin



    Apologies, I’m a total noob at this… Sorry also if this is a bit long winded, not sure how best to explain it.

    this is my site:

    …and this is where my forums lived:

    I am getting really confused…

    I had a page on the site titled ‘Forum’ which I was going to redirect, using the redirect plugin, to the bbpress page listing all the forums…

    Now for the hard part.

    For some reason when you click on the ‘forum’ in the bbpress breadcrumb… it was taking you to the page I was going to redirect. I was thinking that should take you to the root of the forums…. i.e. a list of all of them

    At first I thought it was because it had the same URL…. so I changed the page that I was going to redirect, and the assoc. link title to ‘redirect’ – just to test this theory. Alas the root of the forums breadcrumb still took you to this page…

    Then I thought I might have messed a setting up, so I deleted bbpress and reinstalled the plugin.

    Now I have tried adding another forum… according to the admin page it’s published at the following location:

    But that comes up as page not found when you click ‘view forum’ in the admin area.

    Now I am stumped.

    Questions then:

    1) how do I get the forums working again with a top level that lists all the forums on the site?

    2) how do I add forums to the menu?

    Thanks for your help with this…

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