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version installs but has done some very bad things

  • Hello,

    After installing the software successfully, all database tables were created ok but when I clicked on the link to login it repeatedly told me the forum software wasn’t installed. On checking I noticed two bizarre things:

    1. Although the placeholder topic had been created and other tables populated, the forum table had no entries, it was empty, i.e. it had not created the first forum detailed in the installation to match the topic that was there. Creating a temporary entry with the id of the successfully created made the forum work, but then…

    2. When I logged in as the user I created during the installation there was no admin option so I check the user meta table and it was down as ‘member’ and not ‘key master’.

    I am using the latest bbPress (downloaded this morning), running php 5.2.3 and mysql 5.0.41. Both are near enough out of the box installations and working fully (the only change to mysql was to set password in legacy mode).

    Please help as I can’t do anything!

    btw, one other minor question completely unrelated. Why when I look at people’s code listed in forums or hyperlinks, is it chopping off the entry at the end of the line and not wrapping? I’m using firefox, haven’t checked against IE.

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  • For some reason I cannot edit this message but can post a reply. Anyway, I’ve traced the fault though have no idea how to fix it.

    Basically after entering your name (field new_keymaster) and initial forum on step 1 when you get to step 2 the field new_keymaster is empty, thus no keymaster is set and no forum set.


    The fault was found and suggested to me at wordpress forum and it is due to magic quotes runtime being turned on.

    I’d strongly recommend as an interim you modify your installation instructions to state clearly that magic quotes runtime should be turned off for the software to work.

    And for any future stable/svn release you should perform a check on magic quotes and code around this issue.


    bbPress should be magic_quotes agnostic. I’ll do some tests to see If I can pin down the problem.

    Are you loading any other scripts at the same time (WordPress, anything else)? Any plugins?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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