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vBulletin import de-sync problem

  • alfio8788


    Hello everyone,

    After a fight with vbulletin and mysql i was able to (partially) import our vbulletin forum to bbpress (an estimated import time was 12 days for a full import, we decided to run such a task only for the last import that will go live) but sadly the import is totally out of sync resulting in this kind of problems:

    1) Threads are posted by the wrong user
    2) Replies are posted with the wrong user
    3) Links to user profiles randomly missing (but possible to load by requesting the profile right away from URL)

    Repairs after import were executed (with the exception of bbp-sync-all-reply-positions, it always times out even if the php execution time is set to insanely high values such as 3000 seconds).

    If this is caused by the interruption of the import process just let me know right away and we will create a copy of the vbulletin database and keep a smaller set of data for our tests and then import everything once our testing is done.

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  • Finalmarco


    This is a big board 800k and…… 12 days importing it is crazy long, no one had the same experience on de-sync problem? we need help.

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