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Various Issues While Trying to Install

  • theburningbiscuit


    I followed the video tutorial posted in this forum and when I completed Step 3 it said everything had been created, but that the forum had failed to be installed. Then I deleted the config.php file and tried to install bbPress again, but this time it wouldn’t let me get past Step 1. When I tried to move on to Step 2 the page timed out and said Firefox could tell that some process would continue for forever. So I checked the database and realized all the files from before were there, so I deleted all the ones involving bbPress and then tried to run the installation again. I do Step 1 fine, and then I fill out all of Step 2 just fine, and when I click to move on to Step 3, it tells me that everything has been set up correctly and is linked (WordPress and bbPress sharing the same users). But then when I get to Step 3, at the top it says that I skipped Step 2.

    I that point I thought that I might as well just go ahead and finish installing bbPress, even if the users aren’t linked, and it let me, and told me everything had been installed correctly. But the forum wasn’t set up and I checked the database and nothing had been added.

    I’ve tried reinstalling bbPress on the server, but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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