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Using the [video] shortcode

  • Chuckie


    I have read this topic:

    Issues inserting/embedding videos

    But when I insert the “bbpress shortcodes” there are two problems:

    1/ The new setting does not show on my TinyMCE Advanced toolbar
    2/ Going to their support forum results in an invalid domain

    According to TinyMCE the [video] shortcode it support to render as a video. But when I paste it I just get the text. Now, I tried adding the functions.php to return video(...) but I got the same error for video being unknown.

    So I am abit stuck.

    I was hoping to use the dedicated TinyMCE “Video” but that only works for admin and I have no solution about the frustrating escaping of the chevrons. Thus I am looking at this video shortcode as an alternative.

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