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    I am trying to use the import tool in bbpress to transfer all the posts and users from my vbulletin forum to my new bbpress forum. The vbulletin forum was set-up and hosted by a web company. I emailed them and asked for the required set-up information and they responded with the following:

    Database Server:
    Database Port: 3306
    Database Name: lsr_niaglsr
    Database User: lsr_niaglsr_ro
    Database Password: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (password blocked out for privacy)
    Table Prefix: forum_

    However, when I enter this information into the database settings page on the import page and press start, it comes back with the following:

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    Conversion Complete
    No reply_to parents to convert
    No replies to convert
    No tags to convert
    No super stickies to stick
    No stickies to stick
    No topics to convert
    No forum parents to convert
    No forums to convert
    No passwords to clear
    No users to convert
    No data to clean
    Starting Conversion

    Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

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  • You cannot import from a remote database. You should download the database and upload it to the same database server you are using for WordPress.



    Now I understand. That makes sense. Thanks.




    I downloaded the database to my server as you suggested and I am happy to say that everything worked well.

    Now that the data has been imported, can I delete the database that I created to hold the data from my old forum?

    Awesome, glad you got it done 🙂

    I don’t delete any databases until I have a backup, if you have a backup and are 100% confident you have a backup of the correct database and that database is no longer connected to a forum install (and you have backups of that also) then delete away, you can’t get it back once you delete it 😉



    FYI: In contrary to above, bbPress can import from remote database. But must use Hostname:Port in the converter admin, instead of hostname and port in separate input form fields.

    I’m able to use a remote MySql server as import source.
    Details please see a minor bug or enhancement that I just created:
    BBpress import from remote database hostname:port config

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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