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Using template-tags.php in my own theme

  • dscottangle


    Hi All,

    Sorry if this has already been covered, if so just point me in the right direction.

    Basically, I theming my bbPress and it’s all going great, except I need to do some work on the template-tag.php files found in ‘includes/users’, ‘includes/topics’ etc… and I obviously don’t want anything to be overwritten by updates…

    I already have the template-tags file working fine in my theme’s ‘includes/common’ folder, but just can seem to get the system to actually see that I’m using other folders.

    Do I need to declare the folder structure somewhere? What is it that I’m missing…?

    I’m using the latest live versions of bbPress and WP and the folder structure I’m using is:

    themes >
    mytheme > bbpress-functions.php
    bbress > loads of very well named template php files
    includes >
    common > gets seen just fine…
    users > nothing working from here.
    topics > ditto…

    Many thanks for any pushes in the right direction…


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