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Using Sticky Post

  • thetimediva


    I’m new to using bbpress and installed version Version 1.0-alpha-2

    In one of the forums, I did a post and made it sticky… I other forums the sticky is always the first post(s) with all the other post underneath.

    The main forums is showing 1 topic and 1 post. When I click on the forum, it isn’t there…. The only place the post sticky shows is in the latest discussions and not in forum area.

    Is there some way to make the sticky topic show up in its forum?



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  • There are two types of stickies: you can stick a post to the top of its particular forum, and you can stick a post to the top of all the forums.

    For example, say you have a bbPress install with one forum: Forum A.

    * If you sticky a post in Forum A, the sticky post will appear at the top of (but not at the top of

    * If you “stick to front” that same post, it will appear at the top of (but not at

    From what you described, I’m guess the post has been stuck to the frontpage and not to the forum. Unstick it and then re-stick it but this time not to front.

    Hope that helps!



    Hi John,

    That sound like a nice feature… two ways to use a sticky.

    Unfortunately, that was not the problem. It wasn’t stuck to the front originally.

    I did unstick at your suggestion and click “stick topic” and it shows up in the latest discussions and not in it’s forum.

    I unstuck it again… click “to front” and it displays differently in the latest discussion section – The word stick appears next to it and the font is bigger and no it doesn’t display in the forum.

    It appears the “to front” is functioning fine… but not the basic “stick topic”

    We still have a problem.



    Yea I have a similar problem. A sticky in a subforum (not sticky to front) makes the topic disappear from the subforum. It does still show up in the latest discussion on the frontpage. Can’t sticky posts in individual subforums though.


    I use several plugins, all activated:

    BBcode Buttons Toolbar 0.0.8

    BBcode Lite 1.0.3

    BBPress Private Messaging 0.80

    bbPress signatures 0.1.9

    bbPress Smilies 0.0.5

    bb Topic Views 1.6.3

    Bozo Users 1.0

    Google Analitycs 0.1

    Human Test for bbPress 0.8.2

    Instant Password 0.0.4

    New User Notification Email 0.0.2

    Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More! 1.1.6

    Quote 0.2

    Subscribe to Topic 0.0.1

    Unread Posts 0.9.3

    Even if I sticky to the frontpage, it doesn’t show up in the subforums either. Should do that though if I want it (eg. forum rules).

    I would like to bring up this topic again. In the alpha 1.06 version this is still a problem. I don’t understand why stickies only work when they are on the frontpage.

    Stickying a post to a subforum makes the topic disappear from the subforums, yet they remain visible on the frontpage topic list (not in the form of a sticky, though).


    Stickied to frontpage (works half decent) is stickied to the frontpage (it shows up there, but not in the subforum. Ok can at least live with that).

    But then this topic sticked to a subforum (broken)

    I stickied (not on frontpage) and it just disappears from the subforum and doesnt have any trace of stickyness on the frontpage.

    Strange, this used to not work for me (I had the exact same problem as Malice). But now it works beautifully!

    Son of a gun, I can’t figure out what changed… is this still an issue for anyone out there? If you could try to sticky a post to a sub-forum and see if that works for you, that’d be great – thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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