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Using Sphinx Search Engine with bbPress

  • Indrekkor


    I am managing a largeish forum (2M+ replies) and would be interested is anyone using Sphinx Search Engine in their site?

    We are using Sphinx RT index in another part of our website which is built on Yii framework and there we took the approach that site content is replicated into Sphinx from MySQL db.

    So all the SELECT queries are done into Sphinx and MySQL gets bothered only with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements.

    Have not yet started working with this but thinking about taking the same approach with our bbPress forum to get rid of the slowness caused by SELECT SQL_CAL_FOUND_ROWS query.

    In addition the aim would be to also create a blazing fast search alternative.

    Has anyone tried to do something like this or has got any experience with Sphinx Search Engine and bbPress?

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