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Using Custom Forum Index Page on Topic Submit

  • MarkOlbert


    I’ve set up a custom forums landing page using the bbp-forum-index short code. It works fine.

    However, when a new entry is submitted (and probably if an existing entry is edited), clicking the Submit button sends me to a different page than the one I’ve set up. Specifically, it sends me to /forums…which simply displays “Blasts from the past” (that may be text I entered at some point in the setup process).

    How do I configure things so that my custom page gets used instead? Alternatively, how do I edit the /forums page?

    As you may have guessed by now I’m a new bbPress user :). My site runs the Astra Pro theme (with a customized child theme). I also run Elementor Pro on the site.

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  • Robin W


    The simplest is to make the page and forum permalinks match

    so either make the permalink of your custom forums landing page ‘forums’
    go to the page and edit and look for the permalink
    or change the forums tag to the permalink of the page
    dashboard>settings>forums>forum root



    Okay, I figured it out: turns out the default forum home page uses whatever you’ve defined for Posts Archive, at least if you’re using Elementor, like I am.

    So I updated my links to refer to the forums target, edited the Posts Archive template in Elementor to include the forum index short code, and everything appears to work.

    I also changed the Elementor display conditions for the template and restricted it to just Forum Archive (or Forum Posts, I don’t remember offhand), just in case I want to define a different template for other Posts Archives later on.

    Robin W


    Great – and thanks for posting your solution 🙂



    Yes Thank you! This just helped me solve my problem with turning the Forum root to my custom slug and Elementor made page.

    When I was switching my forum root to my custom slug, the formatting and theming was disappearing. Following the above solution to make a new template for my Archive posts, changed the way the forum root displayed.

    The reason I was changing these things was to make the Breadcrumb go to “custom-slug” instead of “forum” so

    Thanks again!



    I am not using Elementor. I am using Divi. I have created a forum landing page here: If, in the forum setting I set Forum root to “new-forum”, and go to the page is all messed up.

    Am I doing something wrong?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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