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Using beta plugin – topic views and forum views serve up blank page

  • Using the Alahualpa 3.6.6 theme and bbPress beta plugin. All seems to install correctly. I can add forums and topics, save them, edit them but if I try to view them I get a blank white page.

    It is a theme specific error.

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  • Daniel Juhl


    Is the theme compatible with bbPress? You can’t just active any theme, if they haven’t been prepared for bbPress. As far as I know…

    Thanks. I followed this, and now I can see the topics and forums from the wp dashboard.

    The only thing I am unclear on is how to change the style.css to reflect a child theme. I will take this question over to theme compatibility.

    John James Jacoby


    Let’s try to keep these conversations in one place. I see three topics from you about the same one thing. I’m closing the others and let’s keep the discussion here.

    See for more…

    @kmessinger – Never *modify* existing bbPress files. Nothing in /plugins/bbpress/ should ever be *changed.* If you copy the theme out of bbp-twentyten is one thing, but never make changes to core files unless you plan on contributing those changes upstream to the bbPress project. Regarding the templates not appearing correctly, did you follow the instructions here properly? Did you move the files from the root of bbp-twentyten into your child theme too? (archive-forum.php, single-forum.php, etc…)

    I followed the instructions and copied the files into the themes directory. After reading the above, I just copied them into my child theme also. I have added the required code to functions.php.

    I show this child theme:

    bbPress (Atahualpa366 Child) 1.1 by bbPress teams, atahualpa team, keith messinger

    Adds bbPress forums to the Atahualpa366 theme

    Activate | Preview | Delete

    The template files are located in /themes/atahualpa366. The stylesheet files are located in /themes/bbp-atahualpa366. bbPress (Atahualpa366 Child) uses templates from Atahualpa/atahualpa366. Changes made to the templates will affect both themes.

    When I preview I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbp_is_topic() in /hermes/bosweb26a/b1658/d5.savethec/public_html/stc/wp-content/themes/bbp-atahualpa366/functions.php on line 165

    I know this is a beta and don’t expect it to totally work correctly. More or less just keeping the bbp up to date on my progress.


    John James Jacoby


    The bbp_is_topic() function should definitely exist, as long as bbPress is active. Can you confirm that you still have bbPress active on this site?

    I did not have the plugin active. All is running fine now. More testing tomorrow. Looks great so far!

    John James Jacoby



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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