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using bb_users with integrated setup

  • precious-forever


    Hey there,

    my problem/question might be funny, but I just don’t get it. Just upgraded bbpress to 0.9.1 and set it up to be integrated with wordpress 2.5 (they both share the same DB).

    in the bbpress config, i have the WP_ prefix set and everything seems to sync well.

    But now all posts in the bbpress forums done by users that registered at the bbpress forums are signed as “Anonymous” and all these users are neither listed in the bbpress nor in the worspress admin.

    To test, i removed the WP_prefix from the bbpress config, then these users are back, but for sure this is not the idea since i’d like to integrate both things.

    Am I getting this all wrong, or is there any way to “import” the bbpress users into WP or something (without manually editing the database)?



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  • _ck_


    Was your bbpress setup before you installed WordPress?

    Or did WordPress exist before bbPress? If you had bbPress first, the userbase is actually inside bbPress and not WordPress. It needs to be moved to WordPress (or some different settings in WordPress to use the user db in bbPress). I call that “reverse integration”.

    But I’m missing a detail here – did you have working integration with WordPress+bbPress before you upgraded both to latest?

    This might be an issue with the two parts of the “secret key” not being setup/synced properly between the two.

    I think this is a similar problem posted here (that was never answered)



    this order: WP 2.3, bbpress 0.8 (no integration with plugins at that time!), WP 2.5, bbpress 0.9

    I patently waited with integration until 0.9 was out since I did not understand the whole thing before. And everything seems to work fine. Just as soon as I add the WP_ prefix setting to my bbpress config, it seems as if bbpress can only access the WP users anymore (with the correct role mapping i set up etc.).

    maybe I should just ask all registered users to reregister after integration, since the forum is pretty new anyway ;-)

    Sam Bauers


    Just set up the “user role map” in the “WordPress integration” section of the bbPress admin area.



    that’s what i did, but it doesn’t work. all users that registered with bbpress before the update, are shown as “anonymous”. and also, some of the other users are getting mixed up …

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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