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Users not able to register

  • terrific1


    Please I need help and it’s kind of urgent. So many people have reported that they are not able to register on the forum because they are not able to successfully set a password. They enter a username and email to register, then a link for generating a password is sent to their email. On clicking the link, they are asked to log in (not set password), which then says password incorrect, and they are prompted to “get password”. Clicking on this brings up a form for entering username and email, and another link is sent to their email, which does the same thing and the cycle continues.

    Can someone help me check this out? It’s a big problem for me.

    I am using WordPress 4.5.2, bbPress 2.5.9, the website is

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  • Robin W


    you should look at how this is working.

    The users are sent a link, which goes to a age with a strong password shown as default, but they are not asked to make a note of it, and if they just click reset, then this becomes their password, but then takes then to a login screen which asks for it again.

    This is not a bbpress issue, but how you have got wordpress set up.

    I registered fine, but I knew what to look for.

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