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Users keep getting logged out and fragmented caching

  • Indrekkor


    Have couple of problems with my bbpress installation.

    1. Users keep getting logged out in different pages, for safari users it’s ok, some firefox users have the problem and some dont.

    No page cache or browser cache is used on the site only object and db cache.

    2. Fragmented caching –

    Using the plugin WP Fragment Cache, probably a plugin issue.

    If i cache a part of the content inside a loop then the caching plugin for some reason ignores the position where it should replace the content from cache and puts it as the first div in the page, complete ignoring the correct HTML structure of the site.

    Any ideas?

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  • Robin W


    I think these issues are not bbpress related.

    I’d discuss these issues with the plugin authors and your host provider.

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