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Users Do Not Register, Default role solution?

  • yoshimata


    So the wordpress site in question is on 3.7.1 and bbpress is 2.5.3

    Problem: None of the users on this site “register”. They are all imported via s2membership import function. As such the import overwrites the user role on each import.

    All wp users that exist in the system should be able to by default be a participant. Is there an override?

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  • Vadimsolyarkin


    on my site offline plugin also does not please become?



    Im not sure what that means

    Auto Role
    Select the default role for bbPress forum members to be assigned, the roles are Keymaster, Moderator, Participant (Default), Spectator and Blocked. For full details of the permissions assigned by these roles please User Roles and Capabilities.

    I haven’t actually used S2Member so I can’t help to much here, but S2 supports bbPress and there should be something about this on the S2 site (I tried a search and mainly get results for our forums here at :/)

    If you are importing them ‘manually’ I would say you will have to manually assign the bbPress role, though if this is something S2 does on the fly then I presume it should also be adding the bbPress role at the same time and this would be an S2 issue.

    Also to note is that bbPress users don’t actually get the full role assigned to them until they have actually logged into the site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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