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Users Can't Post / Reply

  • I’ve installed an integrated WordPress 3.0 (NOT MU) and the latest BBPress. When users register with WP they can not add any reply or start a new post in the forums.

    I tested this with the default unaltered theme and same thing.

    Looking in the DB I see that each member is a “member” in WP but there is no BB_METAUSERS table for bbpress. I think this isn’t required when an integrated solution is installed.

    Any idea why all new members are set to “Inactive”?


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  • Snaggletooth


    The same happens in my WP3/Bb Press combination when users register through bb press. When registering through WP everything works fine.

    The only ‘workaround’ I found is putting a re-direct into bb press register.php, that re-directs to the WP register form.



    I have a same problem. But for me, the users are registered by WP but at bb they dont have any role so they cant post anything.

    Temporary solution could be Role Manager. But this should be eliminated as soon as is possible.

    + another one problem is deleting users. I tried delete user at WP admin. But bbpress still has that user at database. Is something wrong with integration?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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