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Users can't change passwords; I can't change user roles

  • I have two problems with my BBPress installation (v1.0.2):

    > When a user tries to change their password, the change does not take place and the original password remains

    > When I try to change a user’s role (e.g. from member to moderator) the change does not take place and the user remains a member

    It seems to me both these problems occur in profile.php, so I wonder if they share the same cause?

    I’ve had a look through the forum and not been able to find any insight into the problem. Can anyone please help me?

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  • Do you get any errors in the php_errorlog?

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I can’t find any file called php_errorlog in my bbpress installation. Where is it usually stored?

    The php_errorlog would be created in the root directory of your forum on the server if any errors are encountered. You can also look at the server error log. Also, are you using a plugin for the user roles?

    No, there’s no files called “php_errorlog” or anything similar in the root directory for the forum, or any of the sub-directories for that matter.

    And no, I’m not using a plugin for the user roles – I’m just trying to change someone from ‘member’ to ‘moderator’.



    There are no error logs created specifically by bbPress. Those logs would be dependent on your server or host configuration.



    1. What version of bbPress are you using?

    2. Are you using a custom theme?

    3. What plugins are you using and does disabling them allow this to work again?

    4. Are you integrated with WordPress and if so what version?

    1. 1.0.2

    2. Yes

    3. Akismet, Allow Images, bbPress polls and Comment Quicktags for bbPress; disabling them does not fix the problem.

    4. Yes, version 2.8.6. However I’ve also noticed that when I log into the blog it logs me out of WordPress, so perhaps the integration is also faulty?

    Ben L.


    What type of integration do you have? Deep (WP functions available in bbPress) or basic (what I suggest, just having the login and user database integrated)?

    Basic (but as I say I have this log-out problem).



    2. Does this problem occur when you use a stock theme like Kakumei?

    And your integration is not correct if when you log in to WordPress you get logged out of bbPress.

    OK, switching back to the default theme allows me to change user roles. If I then switch back to my current theme a user who I’ve changed to a moderator can still moderate posts.

    So I guess we’ve identified a couple of things:

    1. My custom theme is broken at the point where user profiles are being edited

    2. It also seems the WordPress integration is broken

    Any further pointers you can give me on how to correct these would be great, thanks for all your help so far.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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