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users activation on bbPress gives access to wpmu main blog

  • wpmu + bbpress integration

    the blog is installed in the root domain: domain.tld

    This is the case: user1 registers on the wpmu site and gets the email notification, clicks and activates his account.

    On admin site I can see the user being registered to his blog: user1.domain.tld

    Perfect so far.

    As soon as user1 access the forum (bbpress), the user gets access to the domain.tld – which is the main blog.

    So now when the user1 goes to his “my blogs” he has access to http://user1.domain.tld and http://domain.tld

    Fortunately when he clicks on http://domain.tld dashboard he has very limited options.

    Any ideas to have user1 accessing only his own blog ?

    Many thanks.

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  • more findings, I have cleaned up the users to have their own respective blogs, excluding the main domain.tld

    going to forums admin area and access user role map where I have:

    WP Administrator: bbPress KeyMaster

    WP Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber: bbPress Member

    just click “Save” on this mapping settings (no changes from before) and when I get back to WP SiteAdmin I can see all users have been added to the main domain again.

    Can anyone help me with this issue ?

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