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Username/Registration issue

  • Bryan Eggers


    After setting up Buddypress and BBpress I tried creating a new user through the BBpress registration form.

    The username I created was “Carl LaFong”.

    I got the activation email and successfully activated the account. However, I was unable to log on.

    It turns out that “Carl LaFong” got converted to “Carllafong”.  There would be no chance of anyone guessing that. Their registration would fail and they’d have no idea why.

    So if spaces aren’t allowed they should be rejected during the registration process, shouldn’t they?

    Also, are names case sensitive?  Not sure what to make of the mixed upper/lower case result.

    Using WordPress 3.5.1, BBpress 2.2.4. Link is:



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  • Lynq


    You could create some client side validation to check for spaces and more than one uppercase. That would be quite nice. Or you could give them a hint on the registration form.

    Bryan Eggers


    Unfortunately, writing some custom code is beyond me.  The question is, is bbPress converting the username or is it WP?

    I just tried creating a user called “1 2 3” directly through WP and it converted the usersname to “1-2-3”.

    Creating a username is pretty much the first interaction that people have with bbPress and the way it’s set up now there’s a highly probability of a problem. Even if they try to use a name like “John Smith” it’s not going to work. They’ll be unable to log in and most likely will give up and go away.

    Stephen Edgar


    I tried to reproduce your issue but cannot, are you using any plugins that might cause this to be alter from the default WordPress 3.5.1 & bbPress 2.2.4/2.3 behaviour?

    Create a user `1 2 3` via WordPress /wp-login.php?action=register
    `ERROR: This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters. Please enter a valid username.`

    Create user `1 2 3` via bbPress widget/page template (page-user-register.php)
    `Registration complete. Please check your e-mail.`

    Confirmation email with username and password
    Username:`1 2 3`

    Via /wp-admin/user-edit.php user details are:
    Username: `1 2 3` Nickname: `1 2 3` Display Name:`1 2 3`

    Via phpMyAdmin `wp_users` database table:
    user_login:`1 2 3` user_nicename: `1-2-3`display_name:`1 2 3`

    To log in to bbPress using the either a page using the the page template page-user-login.php or the bbPress widget I must use the username `1 2 3`

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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