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Username wrap?

  • mattpeckham


    Here on the official forums usernames longer than 7 or 8 characters get cut off by the post form/area itself (see even my username here), a problem I’m also encountering using the replica ‘bbpress-forum’ template.

    Has anyone come up with a possible hyphenation-wrap workaround? Or is it probably down to either just dealing with the truncation, swapping in a different template with a broader username column, or doing more involved design surgery on ‘bbpress-forum’ to make it wide enough to accommodate, say, 13-15 character usernames?

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  • chrishajer


    On the template for this site, it’s a problem. With the stock kakumei theme, it’s not. You can do whatever you want with your template, making that div wider maybe, or you can just change the styling of the .threadauthor and choosing a smaller font size or something.

    It’s all possible with CSS, no major modifications required. Just modify style.css in your current template.

    In this template, the content is ridiculously narrow, I think. Make the whole thing wider and there is much more room for stuff.

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