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Username set as “admin”

  • bradsucks


    Since I upgraded to and WordPress 2.5 my username in bbPress (which is integrated with WordPress) shows up in bbPress as “admin” instead of “Brad”. Is there any easy way to fix this?

    My guess is that bbPress is using user_login instead of user_nicename or display_name in the wp_users table. As user_login and user_nicename for my user record are both set to “Brad” but user_login is “admin”.

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  • charleyramm


    Yes, I have this problem too. Where does post_author_link(); come from?

    Sam Bauers


    bbPress uses the user login for displaying identity.

    I want to change this, but it’s actually more work than you’d think. Plus we need to consider that display names aren’t unique in the user table (that’s a legacy from WordPress), which creates the possibility of user spoofing. Using “Display Name (userlogin)” is a possibility where display names aren’t unique but that is a pretty onerous query that we would have to cache somehow (and expire those caches in a dependant way).

    Please make a Trac ticket if one isn’t there…



    Ah, that makes sense. I just renamed the admin account to my name in the wp_users table and all seems to be fine. Thanks, Sam!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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