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User that was deleted and re-registerd is not able to post in bbPress

  • basdebruin


    When I delete a user (with deleting all content) through WP backend and re-register the same username & email again the new user is assigned forum role Participant. User has access to the forums (which are protected by bbp_Private_Groups, but the new user is not able to start topic and/or reply to it.

    PS: update: no user can post / reply anymore. It is due to the fact that there is 1 topic in my forum with an anonymous user (because that user has been deleted). Deleting that topic form the backend solves it.

    Is there any other way to delete a user without affecting access rights for all users in the forums containing topics with posts from the deleted user?

    WordPress 4.8.1

    Relevant Plugins:
    bbP private groups: 3.5.7
    bbPress: 2.5.13
    TinyMCE Advanced: 4.6.3
    Ultimate Member: 1.3.88
    Ultimate Member – bbPress: 1.1.8
    Ultimate Member – Followers: 1.2.1
    Ultimate Member – Google reCAPTCHA: 1.0.4
    Ultimate Member – Notices: 1.1.6
    Ultimate Member – Online Users: 1.1.0
    Ultimate Member – Private Messages: 1.1.2
    Ultimate Member – Profile Completeness: 1.2.0
    Ultimate Member – Real-time Notifications: 1.4.2
    Ultimate Member – Social Activity: 1.3.3
    Ultimate Member – Terms & Conditions: 1.0.0
    Ultimate Member – User Reviews: 1.2.2
    Ultimate Member – User Tags: 1.0.2
    Ultimate Member – Verified Users: 1.0.8

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