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User status updates Facebook style

  • Guys,

    I know bp has this feature, but I really think this a really hot feature to give users the option the update their status.

    It’s one of the features I really love about Facebook, and would really loved it I could implement this feature in my own bbpress forum.

    I would loved it if users could update their status from the index, and if I login I can see other users their status update. And reply on it, and also leave my own status update.

    Buyddypress has this feature, I looove it. I found a plugin where I think this works on WordPress.


    I’m really considering to integrate wp afterall, ‘cause most plugins are wp based.

    But if anyone could program this feature to work on bbpress, I’d be very happy and probably a lot of other people too.

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  • Olaf Lederer


    Looks great but actually I have no idea on how to set a status update on my facebook page. I checked the help, but I can’t find the spots they mention.

    do you have a screenshot?

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