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User roles

  • rmohney


    I have a the latest wordpress installed and I am using a theme from themeforest called bounce.
    BBPress 2.2 and Buddypress 1.6.1

    The question I have is about user roles. I have a user that is set up as a keymaster for the site as well as the forum. When logged in the edit member shows up in the admin bar at the top while viewing a members profile page.

    When I click on edit profile or edit avatar or edit capability I get a sorry page not found. If I change the users site role from keymaster to admin all the above links work. The permalinks are the same when I roll over the edit links so I am confused as to why they show a page not found. If its being redirected because of the user rolls thats fine I just need a way to change it so a keymaster can edit a user. I would like a moderator or keymaster to be able to block a user and edit them without having admin rights.

    Hope you understand what I am trying to do. Im a pretty much new to all of this.

    I tried the user role editor plugin but was unable to get it to work.

    I have a another post with another issue concerning the users replies created pages I could use help on also.

    I would be grateful for any help on either of these issues.

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