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User Profile pages not using CSS, rest of bbpress is correct

  • Garindan


    Sorry for the ambiguous title. I have bbpress on a site, using the compatibility theme. The rest of the forums have always worked correctly and apart from a few css tweaks, have always looked good and matched the theme.

    I recently noticed however, that the User Profile pages; profile, topics created, favourites etc, seem to ignore all the css and consequently have no layout/structure.

    Here is a normal forum page on the site… Forums
    The layout is correct, the sidebar is positioned correctly and has a PNG background creating the ‘shadow’. A title bar with page title is displayed below the header and navigation.

    Here is an example of a User Profile page… Topics Started
    There’s no css structure, the sidebar is at the bottom, there’s no PNG background behind the sidebar, theres no title bar and page title. It’s as if the CSS is being ignored.

    As another example, on this page I have added the code below to user-profile.php and the sidebar is correct, but it still has no background PNG, title bar etc… User Profile

    Any idea whats going on?

    #sidebar { float: left; width: 230px !important; }
    #main { float: left; width: 730px !important; }

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