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User profile 404 custom role

  • ckc001


    On my website I have custom roles (to make sure users are shown in a map etc.), and this is why user profiles are giving me a 404. The admin and a testuser (who is not that specific role) just work.

    All the users with this other role do have a participant role as forum role, and the capabilities of the other role also include the roles of a participant (also tried without, actually tried everything).

    I want to get these profiles working, or remove the link to the profiles (so just show usernames in topics etc.), which I also couldn’t found.

    Thanks in advance for a reply.

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  • Please check the user_nicename entry in the Database/wp_users.

    Is it Max Mustermann or max-mustermann?
    I solved the problem (404) by changing the nicename to the latest.

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