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User privileges by forum type

  • designerdougm


    I’ve been digging around in the code and it seem like it’s impossible to make a user type that can view a forum but not post in it. Am I missing something?

    It seems like a user’s ability to post/reply is global. Is there any way to quickly accomplish this?

    My goal:

    A user type that can view public and private forums, but only post in public.

    I was originally attempting to add a new forum type, but quickly realized it was out of scope for the timeframe I’m looking to accomplish this in. That said, regardless of whether or not I add a new forum type, or repurpose existing types, I’m at a brick wall if there’s no way to check posting privileges in an individual forum. Has anyone tackled this issue already? I love the simplicity of bbPress and really want to avoid having to use a more fleshed out forum package, but this is a very necessary feature.

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