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User Pages Generating 404 Errors

  • KaitlinFNF



    Clicking a username from within the BBPress section generates a 404 error.

    I’ve done extensive research on this problem, and haven’t been able to find a fix in the forums so far.

    I’ve deactivated all plugins besides BBPress – no dice.
    I’ve switched the default theme and still get the 404.
    I’ve changed the permalinks and the subscriber role – didn’t make a difference.

    Some code fixes I’ve found in the forums just make it so that the 404 page doesn’t generate, but it shows a blank page, which isn’t really the point. I need it to actually go the member profile.

    I believe all of the software is up to date:
    Wordpress v3.8
    BBPress v2.5.3
    Theme is Dante, v 1.5.1

    Here is a user link:

    (The site is still very much in development)

    Thank you for any help you can provide : )

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  • Shmoo


    My Forum posts are returning 404 messages. How can I fix this?

    This could be an issue with your rewrite rules. To fix this try resetting your permalinks. In your WordPress Administration Screens navigate to Settings > Permalinks, select a different permalink structure and save. Then select your preferred permalink structure and save again.



    Thank you for responding – I already tried changing the permalinks though, and it didn’t fix it.



    Right now you have a PHP syntax error..

    a ‘(‘ or ‘)’ too manny or too less , count them around line 139 of dante-child/functions.php

    a Function should always have equal open ( and closing ) symbols.

    A function can look something like this:
    bbp_topic_author_link( array( ‘type’ => ‘name’ ) )

    The bold symbols belong together and the unbold symbols belong together, if you miss one or have one too manny you get a PHP syntax error like you have right now.



    Hey there, yes – I made a code error accidentally (random space) and then left to run some errands. That’s fixed now, but was not a part of the 404 User issue, which pre-existed the syntax thing : )



    Strange, it’s only the user_profile page.

    Have you tried adding another (none Admin) user with all lower-caps and just by signing up through the WP signup process?

    Maybe deactivate all plugins when doing so or change to TwentyTwelve theme for testers.

    It could also be a template issue, are you using customized templates?

    There were a few updates a while ago (~8-12 months ago) on a few of the user templates, if you are compare what you are using to the current templates.



    Hi Guys,

    Did anyone get a solution to this problem? I’m experiencing a very similar thing with

    Wordpress v4.1.2
    BBPress v2.5.7

    I’ve tried deactivating all plugins and going to the default theme but clicking on usernames in the admin when trying to edit a profile is taking me to the home page… Just wondering if there was a solution it might help me too!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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