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User Login Authentication (migrated phpBB users)

  • Tom Dyer



    I’ve recently migrated a large forum from phpBB to bbPress using the import tool (which has gone extremely smoothly – so thanks to all who have worked on the importer tools!)
    Users have been imported successfully, and I can login via wp-admin with the password that was used on the previous phpBB forum… All of that is glorious! 😀

    On our site however, I’ve created an ajax login so visitors never have to get in via /wp-admin
    The issue I’m having is that whatever code is used to check a users old password and convert it to a WordPress encoded password is not being run when I attempt to log a user in via wp_signon().

    Is there a filter or something I can run to ensure that bbPress runs the password conversion when a user logs in via my ajax login prompt?

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